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Today’s post is the answer to a question from Curedream:

There really is no value in getting links from the Yahoo Directory

I would like to move that up a little and address directories in general. In my opinion, Yes, there is value in getting your website appears in some directories-but not all. The trick is to solve out which ones are most important.

IMHO there are four directories each website should try to be listed in: Yahoo,, Botw and DMOZ.Three people are require an annual fee of revisión.DMOZ is free; however, enter into DMOZ is considerably harder to what used to be. Please present and not obsessing over it if not.

You want to be in these directories because help with your link profile and give you a good basis to build sobre. Also help provide some context and relevance to the search engines (see this interview with Greg Hartnett BOTW for more information).

Once you get beyond the top level, are the directories worth are listed in?Depends on.First, you want to navigate to the directory, which is likely listed in, copy the URL and search Google page.Locate the date in the memory cache view when the page was last crawl.The more time has been the worst is: just 45 days problems, more than 75 days is a real danger.Working his way through levels 1-2 directory, check the dates of nuevo.Mire cache pages. When was the last time we updated? unless you have a dark theme, you want something that was updated recientemente.Escriba in the title of the page will be on and add the word “directory”. ESA page are displayed in the SERP look in the directory with services like compete and quantcast to see how much traffic they are getting (remember that these services are estimates).

What is trying to do is to get an idea of the importance of search engines that the directory is likely are track your link and give you credit, and how much traffic (if any) directory is likely to send.

Are some directories that you should look at second level:?

Quickens, Journal of directory, Gimpsy, GoGuides, Jayde, JoeANT, RubberStampped, Skaffe, discover your network, Web Beacon, the WOW directory.

Also you should try to write in your keyword or vertical category

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