Google Ranking has continually confused large numbers of users and website SEO specialists alike over the years. Page Ranking and Google “Index” Ranking while appearing similar they are completely different overall!

I am going to attempt to reduce this down to laymen’s terms and provide some clarity on this, often times, misrepresented issue. Most everyone I encounter asks for and seeks a number one page ranking on the Google results page. They don’t typically care how it happens they just know they want it! Big problems can arise with this uneducated approach because Google Index Ranking and Page Ranking are two very different things.

Google Index Ranking is what they actually seek because Google Page Rank is a means in which to evaluate the overall quality and usefulness of any given website. So when people tell me they want a high Google Page Rank

I immediately answer… “Do You Want to be Found on Page One of the Google Search Results as Well”? Read the rest of this entry

There are numerous avenues to pursue when it comes to being found on the Internet. However, there is one critical thing that remains constant and simply can’t be ignored:

  • Generating Fresh Original Content of All Kinds on a Regular Basis is Mandatory!

The major search engines continually want to know that your website is there to help people. The primary way for them (the SE’s) to ensure your website does that is by continually sending out spiders to check you out! That being said we must also take into consideration how the search engines actually determine your websites overall usefulness. Let’s keep that simple with quick little Question & Answer series below called “As the Search Engines See My Website.” Read the rest of this entry