Who moved my cheese? It is a story by Spencer Johnson (1998) on four characters living in a maze and spend their time looking for the cheese. Faced with unexpected change when disappeared from its cheese. Need to decide whether to seek new cheese or die. The story is a metaphor for life.

If you are a company, it is noticed that their customers have moved. Find customers is a moving target.That worked to attract new customers for a few years doesn’t hoy.Los customers have moved online and adapted the technology for instant information and save money.

Buyers, both consumers and businesses have moved online. People now shop online desktop and mobile.Research and learn from the blogs.pasan sometimes with others in social networks. They relax and escape the virtual worlds.

Many small businesses have not been adapted.Most don’t even have a Web.De site agreement with an announcement of 2009-ology 46% of the small study surveyed companies do not have a Web site. According to a study of Nielsen Online and WebVisible, only 44% of small businesses have a website. Most companies are missing your opportunity.

You have now changed the purchase, has your marketing?Are you marketing are where meeting the customers?Most (over 50%) of small local businesses have failed in this and have not made the transition to even have a presence online.Companies with a Web site, less than 10% have optimized your website for the search.

Local search is the area of more rapid growth in the web.estos local looking for business customers are locales.Lo are doing from desktops, laptops, and Smartphones Internet conectado.Tener a Web site optimized for local search is a requirement to be in business today.

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